Zuhafa Z2HC Review

October 25, 2019 20 By Joseph

The Zuhafa Z2HC is a fold-able pocket drone suitable for anyone.  This makes it perfect for kids and beginners.  The controls are easy to learn as well as the app used for FPV right from your smartphone.  The biggest confusion found is the lack of identification on the remote, there’s no labels or markings to indicate which buttons do what.  They are, however, marked in the instructions provided, but honestly who wants to stare at instructions while they’re trying to have fun.  Simply marking on or next to each button with a permanent marker could resolve this issue.  Each of the functions work just as explained in the instructions so you can use them for a quick reference for calibrating adjustments and other operations.

Great Features

The features included make this an impressive drone for the price.  It seems to be relatively durable when the inevitable accidents happen.  There are a few safety features to help protect the drone such as propeller guards for that collision into the wall and rubber mounts on the base to aid in a softer landing.


Features include:

  • 720p camera
  • Altitude hold
  • Headless mode
  • 3D flips and rotation
  • Real-time video
  • One key take off/landing
  • 3 speed modes
  • One key return
  • Emergency stop



720p Camera

This is obviously a low quality camera, but that can be expecting when running into the cheap drones.  Even the cheapest cameras can still provide quality images and videos when used properly.  The videos recorded do seem to have a slight amount of lag to them and sometimes a little fuzzy but that could also have to do with the red LED’s mounted to the forward side.  When you can gain some stability with your flight control, however, the pictures can turn out fairly well with everything considered.


Altitude Hold

Controlling drones can be proven to be difficult with the way some controls are set up.  The throttle control is essential to just about every function.  It controls your height as well as your movement forward or rearward.  Adjusting the throttle while controlling the flight pattern proves to be challenging for a person who hasn’t had much flight time or experience with any drone.  Altitude hold helps the pilot keep the drone more stable by holding a determined height when the throttle stick is released.  This makes it significantly easier to pilot a small drone that may tend to respond quicker than a larger drone that weighs more.


Headless Mode

Keeping track of the direction the drone is facing isn’t always easy.  There are different color LED lights on the front and rear, but once you get a little distance between you and the drone they may get harder to see.  With headless mode it will function as tho the front of the drone is constantly facing away from the pilot.  This means when you push the directional stick forward it will move forward away from the pilot, and the same for rearward.  Without headless mode activated it will operate in the direction of the LED’s.


3D Flips and Rotation

Just press a button and it sends the Zuhafa spinning as fast as it can.  This is purely to have fun and enjoy your time spent playing.  Make sure you have plenty of space before attempting any stunts or you could find yourself cleaning up a mess you didn’t plan for.  Although it can be fun having a close call and capturing it on video, precautions should always be taken for the safety of people and property.  Nobody likes attempting to replace priceless items or even visiting the walk-in clinic because their friend was having a little bit too much fun.


Real-Time Videofpv-headset

Downloading the app for your smartphone is a must for any type of pictures or videos.  Once downloaded you will then have access to the FPV, first person view, mode available.  There is a smartphone adapter included that snaps onto the remote and conveniently holds your phone just above your controls.  Link it up with the WIFI signal provided and your ready to start flying your drone as if you’re in the pilots seat.  Take some pictures and/or videos of almost anything you want.  If you pair your phone with a FPV headset you can get a total experience of nothing but what the drone sees.


One Key Take-off/Landing

After the remote is synced with the drone you are then ready to take off.  The propellers will begin to spin and your ready for lift off.  Push forward on the throttle control and you will have lift off, and the opposite for landing.  One key take-off and landing essentially does the same thing, but with only the press of a button.  The drone automatically hovers before landing and after taking off making it easier to control.


3 Speed Modes

Having speed control available makes learning how to fly easier.  It’s great for beginners who are not yet skilled enough and helps you practice.  You can the move up step by step and gradually become an expert.  It will help you gradually transform yourself from a beginner to an expert in no time.


One Key Return

This is exactly as it says, one key return.  With just a press of the button the drone will redirect itself back to you.  I have heard stories of drones coming in hot so watch yourself, you may need to duck.  Don’t let this scare you from using it.  There are many factors that may come into play when using is, such as distance and other obstacles.



Emergency Stopemergency-stop

If you ever feel like your spiraling out of control you can hold the emergency stop and it will pause all motions and drop to the ground.  Be careful because when it drops you cannot gain control again until you re-calibrate it.  Yes, this means you have to start all over, but sometimes just starting fresh again is the best way to learn.


Latest Technology

The Zuhafa Z2HC has a 6-axis gyro installed on it.  This makes it easier than ever for beginners to gain control and avoid unwanted crashes or hard landings.  Stability is essential to maintain control with these small drones because of their lightweight they can be redirected from the slightest breeze.  The 6-axis gyro keeps it more resistant to unintended acceleration and altitude displacement.  Technology is a wonderful thing when used the right ways.  It is making things easier for us everyday and creating more fun to the boring repetition of life.