Where Can I Fly My Drone

August 29, 2019 0 By Joseph

Once you get comfortable in your surroundings with your drone you will have to expand your horizon with different places, but you can’t just fly your drone anywhere.  It is still considered an aircraft and must follow certain rules of conduct with them.  Staying safe is the first thing anyone will tell you about just about anything.  Although these drones are small they can still cause harm to people.  Most drones have video capabilities as well and should be sure not to become invasive with what your trying to capture.  Nobody wants to see someone peeping on them during their private times.



Line of Sight

First and foremost you need to keep your drone within your line of sight or a person’s line of sight that is in direct contact with the operator.  This will help to make it safer for you and those around you as well as keeping you out of trouble with anyone thinking you may be using it inappropriately.  This is important to more than just the people you’re around.   Someone nearby could easily mistake it to be threatening and aware authorities.  Keep in mind that not everyone is going to agree with your hobby choices especially if they have the capability of interfering with someone else’s peace of mind.  Being respectful should be taken into consideration any time you’re operating your drone.

Follow Community Ordinances

Some communities may have parks already active for you to play with your drone.  Following your city or town ordinances is always recommended because they still are laws.  Check frequently with your city or broken-parktown hall to ensure you are updated on any changes that may have been implemented.  Upsetting your neighbors is never nice, but annoying an entire town with uncalled for shenanigans is just ignorant.  Being descent and respectful is more than just a suggestion when there’s more than just yourself around.  Community ordinances are laws and are punishable the same as any other laws.

Don’t Be Mean

Maneuvering your small camera drone will eventually become easier and you sill soon look for a more challenging objective with it.  Displaying obstacles could be the best way to acquire the next rush your looking for.  Operating with close friends and family makes for a good time.  Don’t let the good times end because someone wants to be rude.  It is strongly advised to not operate next to other beings or above.  Although you feel like you have total control of what your doing, things do happen.  Avoiding flying over people or trying to do fly-by’s next to someone is the best thing you can do to keep everyone safe around you.  Always make sure you have substantial space to allow room for error.  Remember not everyone has an infatuation with the same things you may so have some respect for others as well as yourself.



question-markAltitude Restrictions

You may have noticed with some of the best performing drones you can get quite a bit of height with it.  Seeing some of the videos and pictures captured with the assistance of a remote piloted aircraft can truly be astonishing.  The higher you can get the picture from would only make it more remarkable.  The FAA, however, sets a limit for us as civilians.  We are limited to 400 feet from the ground.  Once higher than that, you will start to appear on the local radar stations and would then cause havoc with the airlines.  Since our country has been attacked our air travel has been watched closely.  Interfering with laws already in affect and implemented with the highest criminal charges not limited to a felony it would only be in your best interest to stay well below this altitude.

Keep It To The Day

Recreational ruling for operating drones has become quite more lenient than in past years.  We now have access to some of the most creative and advanced technology and should be allowed to do what we want within reason.  Most of the drones found today have lights on them as well.  This really helps in rooms with dim lighting or dark areas.  Being outside at night with them would really be something to talk about, but should also be well thought out.  Areas with good lighting would be more advisable than those that are dark and hard to see.  Even with the tiny lights provided with the drone it still wouldn’t be wise to attempt operating them at night time at all.  If you’d like to shut off all the light in the house and see who can go from the basement to the second floor the fastest than have at it, but outside at night may end up causing you some unwanted attention.