The Best Tiny Drone For You

July 22, 2019 0 By Joseph


Whether you are just starting out or want to expand you are horizon with smaller drones there’s quite the variety to choose from. Focusing on what you want could get confusing with extra advertisements that steer you attention away from the goal. The quadcoptor technology has grown significantly with more of a selection on the rise. Some of these micro drones can be great for kids and some for a more experienced pilot that can maneuver through obstacles to win a race. Whomever the drone is for there’s seriously something for everyone.



Portable Drone With a Camera

Some tiny camera drones on the market now you can store in the controller. They fold up and conveniently store in the controller. You can even charge it in its storage spot. Keep in mind by charging it from the controller will weaken the batteries for the controller. I would suggest charging from another source if possible. The controller is still small enough to fit in a bag when you go on vacation. This makes them some of the best travel drones. Bringing something along for the ride is almost a necessity. There’s always moments that we sit and wait while we’re traveling or on vacation. It really does make these portable drones more useful than you would have thought.


Drones For The Kids

As parents we spend a lot of money to entertain our kids. Sometimes getting something cheaper isn’t always better, but than you feel bad for not getting them the nice one because you didn’t want them to break it. Kid drones help the little one’s learn how to operate them while looking more like a kid’s toy. They’re still affordable enough to replace yet durable enough to take some abuse because let’s face it, kids aren’t nice to their toys.

Having a cool motorcycle drone or that action figure with a para glider flight back pack would be a perfect drone for kids. It’s like flying you are superheros around but now you control it instead of running with it. Hands free drones are also a great idea for kids. It has a cage completely enclosing the drone to protect it from almost anything. Like most drones for kids these are built to withstand a child misusing them.


FPV Racing Dronewhoop-racing-drone

Now the fun starts. You’re getting used to controlling the tiny drone you purchased you’ll soon want to upgrade. Maybe you want to improve you are skills to gain better agility and go faster. Purchasing a tiny racing drone is right up you are alley with rock solid flight controls. They perform faster and reach higher than some of the cheaper drones more designed for beginners. The racing drones have the advantage of being lighter which makes it a more agile drone. Include a FPV headset to your fun and hold on for the ride. The Whoop mounting pattern is the most common configuration of the set up of them.¬† It mounts the camera in such a position that when u move forward it tilts the camera down for you to see as you increase your speed.


Nano Dronenano-drone

These super mini drones are smaller than the typical micro drone. Big things come in small packages is¬†something we’ve all heard before. This could be true with a gift so small it can pack a lot of fun. Ir’s perfect to stash in a pocket and take it with you anywhere. Take it to the park and let the kids play or even give yourself some entertainment while watching the kids. It really boils down to these being cool cheap drones. Being as small as they are, they are still durable enough to take quite a few crashes and survive. Keep it clean of debris from what ever may have gotten tangled in it from the rough landing and set it off again. Calibration may be required after the wreck, but continue on with you are fun however it may be.


Camera Drone

Video has never been this amazing. Special effects help us to create some of the most intense movies. Pictures can be taken from places not humanly possible. All of this downloaded and spreed throughout the world and accessible almost anywhere. The camera mount drone is a part of some of these pictures and videos. If you are looking for a better picture quality than you need a better camera. If you just want the picture to show up there’s that option too. There’s become a selection for the whole family.



The One You Want

With such the variety of everything that is available it can get overwhelming. The first choice may not always be the best choice but the more you look the more you’ll find. Some have interchangeable parts to build them you way. Others are made to be durable enough to be crashed constantly than replace once they’ve had it. The options are all there but still keep in mind the reason you are getting it, to have fun. Taking the best picture or winning a race against friends puts a smile on our faces and we should take advantage of that.