Good Drones for Beginners

July 10, 2019 0 By Joseph

RC Drones are a hot item right now with more capabilities than ever before. With technology constantly growing and getting better around us it makes it difficult to keep up with. There’s literally something for everyone around every corner and can become overwhelming. When finding exactly what you may be looking for you could be researching for days before you get results. As things get more advanced you may even think you couldn’t possibly be able to figure some things out. This will shine a little light on the subject of these little toys created for the joy of everyone from grandpa to your child showing some interest in electronics and want to have fun.


Headless Mode

First starting out it can be difficult to pay attention to the direction of the drone. There are lights and/or different color props to indicate forward and rearward on the quadcopter but for some that just isn’t enough. Sometimes you just want it to be easier and headless mode makes that possible.
Headless mode make’s it perfect for beginner’s to grasp. No matter which direction the quadcopter is facing it will respond to the action of the left control stick. This means if you move the stick to the right, it will move right. It makes flying tiny drones safer inside the house around all your valuables, and eases the control when outside.


Altitude Hold Mode


Capturing a steady picture or video can sometimes be proven difficult. With the constant fluctuation of adjustments to keep the drone flying steady in one spot it’s hard to get a clear picture sometimes. Timing is of the essence. With altitude hold mode it allows your drone to hover at a certain altitude. Holding steady is essential to great pictures regardless the quality of the camera.
One of the worst things is getting your new camera drone and it doesn’t par up to your expectations. Having a more feasible option to capturing pictures and videos makes your experience more enjoyable.


Follow me Mode

If you have ever tried to take a moving video its hard to keep a steady flight.  Just a little twitch from your thumb and you have to start all over.  Getting that perfect selfie while not being able set down the controller could actually be rather difficult not to include what you don’t want.  Someone else would have to operate the drone for you and at that point and then it’s not a “selfie”.  Follow Me mode allows you to set the controller down while you take your pose.  Capturing you as you do a sick trick on a bike or skateboard would make your personal image remarkable.  Having it follow you around doing just about anything that you’d like to record makes this mode perfect.  The drone essentially goes into an auto pilot mode to make this possible.  You may even be able to set it down long enough for that perfect shot.


Stunt Mode

Some may be bored with just flying a drone around.  Wouldn’t it be more fun if you could flip it around like an acrobat?  Stunt drones bring it to reality.  They have a flexible design and lighter weight which makes it much more responsive and reach higher speeds.  There are lighter guards around the props that are still durable enough to take small impacts.  With a press of the button on the controller you can push the control stick in any direction and it will roll in the direction indicated and return to normal flight.




Virtual Reality Headset For Drones


With smartphones on a constant climb it’s been made possible for us to get a better experience of almost anything. Just about everyone has one and our lives have become dependent on them.  Our smartphones have the capability to connect to other electronics through connections like Bluetooth and WIFI.  Having a WIFI camera on drones makes it possible for you to get a first person view of what the drone sees while flying.

VR headset’s have made it possible for us to block out all other distractions and get the fullest experience of our viewing.  Some headset have everything built in to get the experience while others will require you to place your smartphone in the headset and you can then take that first person viewing to a whole new level. It puts you in the drivers seat of your tiny quadcopter for the ultimate ride. You will be able to fly around the house without having to follow your new toy. Take a trip over the fence to your neighbor without even getting off your chair. It’s truly an experience worth bragging about.


Enjoyment for the Whole Family

Whether it’s a gift for the kids or fun toy for dad, tiny drone’s are perfect for everyone.  They have reallydrones-for-all come a long way with HD camera’s that give us the option to get some really amazing picture’s, and they are easy to fly with a camera.  These are simply cheap drones sharing some of the abilities of larger ones.  You could consider them the perfect kids drone because, well, kids destroy a lot of toys.  Some of the small drones on the market are fairly rugged and durable even.  Doing just a little reading can go a long way when starting out with a micro drone.  Call them whatever you’d like, they’re just fun for everyone.