DJI Mavic Mini Review

November 23, 2019 8 By Joseph


handThe new Mavic Mini by DJI has come out with some impressive results.  This drone incorporates the power of a larger drone in a compact shell.  The lighter weight results in longer battery life so you have more time to capture that perfect moment.  It’s designed with collapsible arms to make it even more portable and easier to store.  Weighing in at less than 250 grams, the Mavic Mini is almost as light as your smartphone and places it in the lowest and safest weight class for drones which means there’s no need to register it in the U.S. or Canada.  There is also an app available for your smartphone with tons of features and even a  tutorial to learn to fly.


Impressive Cameracamera

Our cameras we have these days accentuate our daily lives, from simple editing to creating the next motion picture for us.  The Mavic Mini will support 12MP photos and 2.7 quad HD videos and has a 3-axis motorized gimbal which increases the cameras stability and ensures clearer photos and smoother footage.  This makes it capable of taking shots that look like they could have come from a Hollywood film set.  In the app you can select from one of the Quick Shot modes that enables the drone to preform an elaborate preset motion while you record.  It’s remarkable to see cinematic shots from such a small drone with just a few taps.


DJI Fly App

dji-fly-appThe DJI Fly app is available to help you get started.  It includes a flight tutorial to show you the ropes and get you going.  Once you’ve become comfortable with piloting the app offers so many great tools to aid in creating a video like none other.  The app offers multiple creator templates to generate amazing videos with just a tap.  Even the beginner with no editing experience can take a moment and turn it into a social media sensation.  Use the quickshot function to execute an elaborate preset motion while recording and instantly share the short video with friends on social media.  The app even offers an editor to create a film of your very own.  Discover popular ariel photography spots near you with access to SkyPixel, a social media platform designed for users to share their photos and videos.  You can even share your work and check out some things other people as well.


No License Required

As most may know already, you need to register certain drones that meet a criteria put in place by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).  The Mavic Mini is a small drone that offers professional quality without the restrictions of larger drones.  Its small size makes it possible to fly in areas that larger drones wouldn’t be permitted, or where a license may be required.  Click Here to get even more information on the registration process and requirements the FAA has set out for us.  The rules and regulations are constantly changing so be sure you are following up on the legality of operating and drone.


Get it Bundledbundle

Several bundles are available to make your experience enjoyable.  There is sticker kits, memory upgrades, and so much more available.  This bundle stood out with the few extras it comes with.  The sling backpack makes travel a breeze fitting all your necessities including extra parts.  It comes with a large 128GB memory card and adapter to gather even more videos and photos.  A tablet adapter for getting the “bigger picture”.  The helipad just makes for entertainment, see how good you are.  A sunshade for the remote to block the glare from your phone or tablet.  There are also replacement control sticks for the remote, a bracket with lanyard, remote shade for the controller, and a range extender in case you wanted that little more travel out of it.  All the cords you’ll need for charging and transferring data as well.  There’s a few more goodies but these were the extras with this bundle.


Taking the Market

The Mavic Mini is not the first of it’s kind nor will it be the last, but it has definitely changed the game for mavicsmall camera drones.  With the technology getting better and smaller there’s no telling where this will go.  This is making it possible for more people to enjoy the quality of a larger drone in a compact size.  Longer flight times make it stand out from its competition along with a very impressive camera that provides quality unlike the rest.  The price will remain a little on the high side only because of the trade war between the U.S. and China that resulted in tariffs on drones.  This amounts to China charging more for the drones to avoid a hefty fine unfortunately.  It’s made some complications for DJI with manufacturers and suppliers, but didn’t stop them from living up to the expectations they originally set out for.  There are more drones on the market than we could ever imagine but it’s always important to do your research to get what your really set out for.