February 26, 2020 0 By Joseph

The Attop X-Pack 2 is a perfect mini drone for kids and beginners.  It’s very basic but durable enough to attop_x_pack_2withstand your child abusing it a little bit.  The camera is nothing special at all.  It will display a picture for you but it is only a 480P camera so it won’t be anything to brag about but, for your child to be starting out it really isn’t a bad drone for them to learn with.  The controls are very similar to many other drones but not too sensitive so it’s a bit easier to catch on and get used to them.  An awesome emergency feature is holding the One Key Take-off / Landing button for three seconds and the drone will stop all functions immediately and drop off.  If the drone is high in altitude there may be significant damage due to colliding with the ground.  Always take precautions when operating any drone to ensure everyone’s safety around you.


Download The APP

The first thing you should do is download the APP for the best experience!  The APP for this tiny drone sets it apart from the others.  It has an AR Drone Game to really optimize your experience.  This will truly make you feel like a fighter pilot.  It’s not just another drone with camera for kids with this APP.  The Smart APP Control makes it able to be perfectly controlled by a smartphone.  Simply draw a flight path on your phone for it to follow and it will do just that, follow your instruction.  This makes it fun for more than just the kids.  There’s also a Gravity Induction feature that allows you to use the angle of the smartphone to control the drone.  Tilt the phone in the direction you want it to go and it will fly in correspondence to the angle you choose.  It’s a unique feature that adds more enjoyment to the experience.  The APP features make this tiny drone perfect for any beginner to get the fullest experience of the kind of technology we have to look forward to.



attop_480p480p Camera

The ATTOP X PACK-2 has a 480p camera with WIFI and FPV capabilities.  These drones with camera for kids will capture panoramic views with true color images to offer you a precious experience while enjoying the view from the air with awesome perspective.  You will be able to record those wonderful moments from the air by connecting your phone with the included WIFI signal.  This will also make it capable of FPV, First Person View.  With an FPV headset you can get a pilot’s seat feeling while flying around the house or outside.






Foldable & Portability

The fancy controller that comes with has a pocket in the middle of it to stow away this flying micro drone.  The arms that hold the propeller motors fold into the body of the drone to make it more compact.  The size of the X-2 drone with camera is quite small and will fit perfectly into the palm of your hand.  This makes it very easy to bring along while traveling being able to be stored just about anywhere.



Controller and Stability

A 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro System has a band width of 50 meters and offers incredible balance making it easily controlled and a great pick from the several beginner drones for kids available.  Even beginners will have an easy time getting the hang of the controls.  This mini drone quadcopter comes with some awesome features.  The Headless Mode feature helps you control the drone according to the direction you are facing it, eliminating the need to identify the drones orientation.  Altitude hold will allow the drone to maintain a certain altitude when the controls are let go.  The One Key Take-off and Landing key simplifies the learning process for any beginner.  With one press of the button it will either take off or land depending on whether you are in flight or taking off.  Another great feature for the kids is the Flip Key.  While moving forward, backward, left, or right you can press the button and watch it flip for you.  It’s a neat little trick that will entertain just about anybody.  The best part has to be that the drone will fold up and fit inside for great portability.



Easy to Flyx2_pack

As the drone market continues to increase so does the technology put into them.  They are becoming easier to operate and more comfortable for beginners to get used to them.  The ATTOP X PACK-2 is one of the best drones for beginners.  The controls are very easy to learn and smooth operating.  The features are amazing and make for more fun than you could expect.  As soon as you pull it out of the box it’s ready to go as soon as you add the 2 AAA batteries that are included with.  There’s bracket that connects to the controller to hold your phone while using the FPV feature.  It also comes with a few extra propellers just in case you have a little mishap during an accident or dropping it.  A USB charger cord is included as well but the power source is not, you will have to use one you have or pick one up.