4DRC-V6 Review

January 20, 2020 15 By Joseph

The 4DRC-V6 gives the operator more flight time!  They have covered all aspects for beginners and kids with easy operations to make the functions easier to learn.  Including 3 modular batteries triples your flight time to come up with more mischief than before with this small of a camera drone.  The three batteries can be stacked to increase flight time on the go or use them individually for lighter weight and faster movement.  If the 3 batteries weren’t enough, they designed the complete outer case out of nontoxic soft plastic material decreasing the impact of a collision and avoid injuries during the course of operating.


Kids and Beginners

In a growing industry, it gets difficult keeping up with the “new”.  Although drones aren’t all that new to the public, they are still new to quite a few people.  Teaching new technology can be frustrating at times and some even give up from that.  Creating new innovations that aid in the progress we all deserve is what we all want.  Here is a perfect example to help anyone, yes anyone, jump into a new hobby that they only dreamed of.  Easier controls with more automatic features, like one key take off and landing, makes learning how to pilot a drone a breeze.  Adding a camera to it sweetens the deal too.  It’s like hopping in the pilots seat and flying first hand, without the nausea.  If photography and film is more your style than snap some cool pics or take a video and post it to your social media account.


WIFI Connectivity

Connecting to the WIFI is something all of us are familiar with.  Usually we think of the internet when the subject is brought up, but it’s really just another wireless signal.  It has a wider broadcast and can transfer more data at a fast rate so your able to record videos and capture images.  This is exactly how the FPV works with drones.  Your smartphone is capable of connecting to the signal from the 720P HD camera on your drone for videos and photos all from an APP.  There’s an APP control mode to simplify the user controls even more by making controllerit operable right from your phone.





When learning new controls for a new toy it can be hard remembering which button does what.  Labels make everything easier for us throughout our entire day.  Whether it be a warning label or an instruction label we thrive to see them to assure us we’re doing it right.  The 4DRC-V6 comes with a controller that’s labeled so there’s no need to revert to the instructions every time you couldn’t remember what a function did, or even push the wrong button because you thought it did something else.  It comes with this awesome little bracket for the front of the controller for your smart phone when using FPV.  Being this controller is pretty convenient already, they also added a spot in the middle to place the drone for the best portability imaginable.  The wings of the drone fold up so you can safely stow it away till next time.


Great Features

The 4DRC-V6 comes with some great features that make for fun packed enjoyment for everyone.

  • 720P HD cameragreat_features
  • APP control mode
  • Optical altitude hold
  • One key take-off & landing / Emergency Stop
  • 3 speed control
  • Headless mode
  • 360° flip / Gravity sensor mode
  • Flight route setting / Funny choreography flight
  • 30 minute flight time



app_controlNOT Just for Kids

We as adults hold a standard in front of our kids thinking we’re doing better by them.  Really they need to see us having fun with them to be doing better by them.  Learning our kids is just as important as them learning us.  With that being said we always have opportunities to act like a kid but choose not to for reason that differ but revolve around a reputation.  Act like a kid.  Who said toys are for kids?  I know grown adults still playing with Legos and R/C cars.  Why can’t the same be for something that may serve of some use while we have fun.  Everyone is into social media in one way or another and these make it perfect to load those perfect shots and videos.  Using them for monitoring a property or piece of land would be an excellent idea with a range of 60 to 80 meters, roughly 250 ft.  The 4DRC-V6 is among some of the best to find with everything considered for the price.