Just about everyone looks at flying objects in amazement, so why not own one.  Not all of us can afford something we can fit in so why not check out something we can picture ourselves in.  Small camera drones do just that for you for a fraction of the cost.  Easy to learn and affordable for anyone to own, literally anyone.  There’s so many on the market now days that it’s become seemingly difficult to figure out what might suit you.  You’re overthinking it and it’s easier than you think.  A good camera is what we all want but the cost increases with the quality.  We want durability to be able to withstand our greatest abuse yet be able to control like it’s brand new.  Unfortunately we can’t have the best of both worlds but when it comes to small camera drones it comes very close.  Compact and fast is what we all want, but then the durability adds weight and slows it down.  This will make your flight time less and not as enjoyable.  Laying out the information needed for figuring out our specific needs is what we’re out for and here you will find a better understanding of what all this really means.



It’s what I hear most people say when it comes to tiny drones.  That’s why I jumped on the bandwagon to help whoever possible.  This is page to assist the beginners and kids to better understand operating.  Even some of the features can be pretty high tech but not necessary for your application.  Some micro drones are there specifically for the enjoyment of children and beginners so they don’t come with all the bells and whistles of more expensive drones, although there are a few cost effective alternatives that come with some awesome features.  There’s a few pages describing several drones and their operation.  The complexities are narrowed to for better understanding where the instructions may not be clear.


Lets have fun!

Who doesn’t want to have fun?  That’s what the small camera drones are all about.  They’re handy to travel with and small enough to pack for almost any trip.  Some fold up, and some are just really small.  Which ever way you plan on using them you’re expecting to have fun, and what’s more of a let down than buying something that doesn’t end up suiting your needs or measuring up to your expectations.  Here are some better explanations for the unclear instructions they may be provided with your new found joy.  If something’s missing or you believe the information to be incorrect please don’t hesitate to enlighten me.  The more discussions on the topic, the more we all will benefit from the knowledge.


Down and Dirty!

Proper care and handling is still required no matter the cost of the drones.  Replacement parts aren’t always readily available and may take some time to find.  Taking care of your drone will ensure it’s safety and long life.  Always supervise the children when flying so they too can have a better understanding.  Most children like to test the durability or max limit of such toys and could lead to a catastrophic ending resulting only in a let down.  Once a little bit of skill is established you can find some fun in being a little reckless and adventurous, how else do you think amazing pictures are caught.  Flying through the rain is a great way to damage your drone but you will get some unique pictures to show off to everyone.  This does not mean I am suggesting you do this, but with some fun does come destruction and you can find some unreal shots while misbehaving.


All Together!

Everyone can do it.  I mean EVERYONE!  It’s extremely easy to pilot most small camera drones no matter your age.  Old, young, tired and worn out?  Doesn’t matter when it comes to the essentials of flying one.  Basic controls are established with every drone and they all follow a similar configuration so once you learn to fly one you can fly just about any of them.  Larger drones have more power and can maneuver differently than small drones, but some small drones, like the tiny whoop drones, are designed for racing and will out maneuver most on the market.  It’s what they’re designed for, racing.  With that being said it’s not far out of reach, with a little bit of practice anyone will be able to pilot almost any drone.  Some are designed with learning capabilities to aid in controlling your tiny drone and even have a First Person View to really get into it.  It’s a family affair and everyone’s getting into it.